Decision Puzzles are based on real events, where a critical decision is required without prior preparation. There may be various solutions depending on the situation and the decision maker. What would be yours?

It’s evening. You are traveling abroad for a meeting that is scheduled for the next morning. That…

If you ever played tennis, or whenever you watch professional players, you realize that one has to make many decisions on the court. It’s a complex and uncertain game, hard to learn and perfect. But it has one crucial advantage. …

You rarely see how the sausage got made

Digital generated image of abstract multi colored donut/pie chart on pastel green background.

Co-authored by Robin M. Hogarth

Think of a creative concept that helped to shape the life and culture of the 21st century.

Harry Potter is one example. So is Google. The personal computer is another one.

If you try to list various factors behind the success of whatever idea you…

If J. K. Rowling got rejected, so will you.

The world has just celebrated the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter. One can now spend hours going through thought-provoking analyses, insightful lists, and entertaining content created for the occasion. …

Emre Soyer

behavioral scientist, co-author of The Myth of Experience

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